Can You Put Two Litter Boxes Next To Each Other?


While trying to find the placement for our litter boxes in the apartment we wondered if you can put two litter boxes next to each other

So we did some testing.

We weren’t really keen in placing them separate as we have a relatively small flat and we were struggling to find space. We decided to keep them together in the same corner and after 2 years we can tell you this:

You can safely put two litter boxes next to each other as long as you only have one cat. However, having multiple cats in the house may pose some challenges when it comes to litter box management.

Benefits of Having Two Litter Boxes Next to Each Other

Having two litter boxes in the same location has multiple benefits. Firstly, it’s a convenience for you as you don’t have to go to multiple places when cleaning them. Secondly, it can help with keeping the scattered litter around one area only.

When you have multiple litter boxes spreaded around the house there is the chance of having scattered litter in multiple places. With two litter boxes side by side, your cats will have less distance to travel and less opportunity to spread the litter around the house

Factors to Consider Before Placing Two Litter Boxes Next to Each Other

Before placing two litter boxes next to each other, there are a few things that you need to think about. Firstly, you need to have a look at the size and make sure the litter boxes are the right size for your cat. I also recommend if you place them together to be the same size. This will help with the litter spread as your pet won’t parkour over litter boxes.

The boxes should be large enough for our pet to move around in. Also you should consider the size of the space you will place the litter boxes in. They should be placed somewhere where there’s enough room for both boxes and that they’re not too close to any food or water sources. The more cats you have, the more litter boxes you will need. Lastly, consider the type of litter boxes you want to use. You might want to try a homemade cat litter box as a DIY excercise.

How to Properly Place Two Litter Boxes Next to Each Other

Proper placement is very essential in order for this to work. We decided to keep our litter boxes in the storage area of the flat, and keep the door open.

Our litter box setup

Firstly you need to find the location in your home that easily accessible for your cat and won’t be blocked by a closed door or any other object. They should be able to get to their boxes no matter what, otherwise you might have some accidents in the house ( and trust me, they smell! ). Second, make sure the location is a bit private and not too close to any busy areas of your home. Third, position your litter boxes side by side with enough space between them so that your cat can easily move between them if possible. We couldn’t do that as the storage room is quite small and we didn’t have the space to spread them. Lastly, consider placing a mat underneath the litter boxes to help you with any stray litter that will come out.

Tips for Maintaining Two Litter Boxes Next to Each Other

By having them next to each other the cleaning process is very simple and I love it!

Firstly you should clean the litter boxes regularly to prevent all the odor building up. We are trying to scoop out the waste daily and completely change the litter every week.

Secondly, if you live in a flat you should try to use a high-quality litter that is designed to reduce odor. Lastly, if you see a lot of litter being thrown around the litter box you should try to clean it as soon as you can as it may spread into the house.

You can add some baking soda to the litter to help with the odor

Common Problems with Placing Two Litter Boxes Next to Each Other

While having them placed next to each other, there are some common problems that you may encounter. One of the problems might be litter box preference. That’s why I recommend using the same type of litter boxes if you place them together. If you have two cats you might have a few fights in the house.

To ensure this doesn’t happen I would recommend to have a designated area for each cat and don’t place them together.

Lastly, if you place two litter boxes next to each other doesn’t mean you have to clean them less frequently. They both need to be cleaned regularly to prevent any health problems

How many litter boxes do I need for two cats?

As a general rule, you should have one litter box per cat, plus an extra box. For two cats for example you should have three litter boxes around your have. All of them should be easily accessible at any time. This can help with any competition and prevent the litter box battle problems.

What type of litter is best for multiple cats?

There are many types of litter available, including clay, clumping and natural ones. We also recommend making your own homemade cat litter. When you are choosing a litter look for multi-cat sign on it. They are usually clumping litter.

Do I need a litter box on every floor?

If you are lucky to have a home that extends over multiple levels, It’s a good idea to have at least one litter box on each floor and follow the one litter box per cat, plus an extra box.


In conclusion, placing two litter boxed next to each other is a very convenient and effective way to manage litter boxes. By following our tips and guidelines we outline, you can create a comfortable and highly practical litter box arrangement for your pet. Remember to pay attention to their behaviour and adjust anything as needed to ensure their comfort.

Where do you place your litter boxes?

Let me know!

Indre K Williams

Indre K Williams

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