How to Travel with a Cat Litter Box With No Issues

how to travel with a cat litter box

When we talk about how to travel with a cat litter box, we need to address a multitude of factors from choosing the right type of litter box, to managing the waste disposal while being on the road.

There are many elements that require careful thought and preparation to ensure a very smooth journey for you and your pet.

cat box and toy
On an emergency journey we took his favourite toy to calm him down. We also opened the grill from the box so he could run to the litter box if needed

We have made a list of practical tips and we are ready to give you some advice to make your travel experience as comfortable as possible for you and your cat

Choosing the Right Litter Box for Travel

One of the most important decisions you have to make early on is to choose the right litter box. This choice can be a very big factor in your pet’s comfort and in your own ease of journey.

If you choose to travel with a cat litter box that is not designed for your feline friend you might have some difficulties on the road which can be quite stressful

Size and Portability

Travel litter boxes should be compact and very lightweight for a smooth journey on the road, but at the same time they should have enough space for your cat to more around and be comfortable.

Depending on your cat’s size you need to choose the appropriate litter box for them to have enough space to turn around in.

There are many choices on the market, one of the top ones being a collapsible or foldable one that will not take a lot of space when it’s not being used.


You should pay attention to the material of the litter box as well. There are disposable litter boxes made from recycled paper or cardboard that can help if you travel with a cat litter box in a car. They can be a very cheap and convenient option as you can throw them away after your trip.

cat litter box in car for travelling
We didn’t have time to prepare so we took a plastic litter box that is easy to clean

Plastic litter boxes are generally more durable and they can be used for longer trips and can be used multiple times, however they will require regular cleaning.

Depending on the duration and the frequency of your trips you can choose the most suitable option.

Ease of Cleaning

Traveling can be quite messy, and one of the last things you want to do is to have a litter box that is very difficult to clean.

We recommend to look for a litter box that has a smooth surface and you can easily add a liner bag in order to dispose the litter easily. Many models also include a lid or a cover on top, which can help to contain odors and reduce the mess that could happen.

Preparing Your Cat for Travel

Before we go on long trips we usually start preparing our cat to travel with a litter box as this will help her both physically and mentally. We are trying to help her to adjust to the idea of being in a new environment as we all know that they are creatures of habits.

Here are some steps that we recommend to to before you travel:

cat with toy in box
He was looking at some birds that were nearby, very distracted by them
  1. Gradual Acclimation: If your cat isn’t used to traveling, you should start going on a few short trips with her. After that try to gradually increase the duration of each trip as this will help your cat to get used to the motion and noise she will be facing
  2. Carrier Familiarization: The carrier will be your cat’s safe space during the travel time, so it’s very important for her to feel comfortable inside. You can leave the carrier in your home and encourage your furry friend to play around it. Maybe leave some toys inside, treats, or some bedding to encourage her to spend time inside. You can also put her in the carrier while you are doing the short traveling trips for acclimation
  3. Vet Check-up: Before taking any long trips we recommend to take your cat to the local vet. They can help with issues you may find on the road, and even prescribe some medication for motion sickness if necessary.
  4. Identification: You need to ensure that your cat has proper identification in case they get lost during the trip. This can be anything from a collar with an ID tag, to a microchip. The ID tag and the microchip should have your latest contact information
  5. Pack Familiar Items: Bringing along some of your cat’s favourite toys or a blanket that she likes can help her relax by associating it with familiar objects. The items will carry the scent of your home, which can be a reassuring factor for the new environment. While you travel with a cat litter box if you don’t have anything to attract your furry friend to the litter box you might find it challenging to convince them to use it.

Managing Cat Waste During Travel

This is a crucial aspect that you need to manage while travelling with a cat litter box as it can get pretty uncomfortable if it’s not done correctly. These are the things we did while we took a trip across two states:

emergency cat litter
To travel with a cat litter box we had to make an emergency stop and buy some litter
  1. Regular litter box access: We made sure that she had regular access to the litter box during our travel period. If you are traveling by car, you should give her access to the litter box during breaks. We stopped overnight at a hotel and we made sure to set up the litter box as soon as we arrived
  2. Using Pee Pads: We lined the carrier with pee pads as they can absorb any accidents that may happen during the journey. Luckily we didn’t have any and the pads were dry when we arrived at our destination
  3. Waste Bags and Scooper: Don’t forget to pack some waste bags and put them somewhere handy as you might need them a couple of times.
  4. Odor Control: We used clumping litter as it’s good at controlling smell and we had a pet-safe deodorizing spray in the glove box of the car


A good plan and preparation needs to be made in order to travel with a cat litter box as it can get quite messy if it’s not planned. From selecting the right travel-friendly litter box to managing waste during the journey, each aspect will play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth journey for both of you.

Getting to the destination is not the goal, but to ensure that you and your cat are safe and comfortable during the journey is!

How do you travel with a cat litter box? Let us know if you have any tips!

How can I help my cat adjust to a new environment when we arrive at our destination?

You can help your cat to adjust to a new environment by setting up a comfortable space for her that has familiar items, and try to maintain their routine

What should I do if my cat has an accident in the carrier during travel?

If your cat has an accident in the cat carrier during travel, you can use some paper towels to clean the mess. Ideally you should prepare for the trip a few pee pads or liner bags.

Can I use my regular home litter box for travel?

While it’s possible to use your regular home litter box for travel, you might find that it’s not the most convenient and practical option. Travel-friendly litter boxes are designed to be portable, lightweight and easy to clean

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