Sawdust Cat Litter: The Eco-Friendly Solution for Cat Owners

sawdust cat litter

The battle of the giants: sawdust cat litter vs cat litter. Have you ever wondered if there is a more eco-friendly option for cat litter than the usual clay-based one?

Me too! That’s why I’m writing this post to tell you: Have no fear, sawdust cat litter is here!

The same stuff that I used to see on my dad’s woodworking shed floor can now be used to keep your cat’s litter box fresh and clean. Not only it’s not harming the environment, but it’s usually very affordable (depends on where you live) and easy to make.

So let me tell you why sawdust is the purr-fect choice for conscious cat owners

What is Sawdust Cat Litter?

Sawdust cat litter is a type of litter that is made from compressed sawdust pallets. It’s a very eco-friendy alternative to the traditional shop-bought clumping or non-clumping clay or crystal litter. The sawdust pellets are very absorbent and they can soak up moisture and odors very quick, which makes it a very good choice for pet owners who want to keep their house odour-free.

The best thing is that it’s biodegradable and can be easily disposed in a compost pile. This was one of the reasons I started using sawdust as I like to dispose of cat litter the green way!

It’s highly affordable compared to the traditional cat litter and widely available at pet stores or corner shops. I find it a great option as it makes me be a bit more eco-friendly and keeps the litter box clean for my furry friend

If you are interested in the idea of using sawdust as an eco-friendly cat litter alternative, you might also be exploring other alternatives in case of emergency, such as using rice as cat litter, which will offer a unique set of benefits if you ran out of traditional litter.

How to Use The Litter

It’s actually very simple. You just need to buy the sawdust litter first

Tip: I have a woodwork shop near me and they usually give me 5-10kg for free as they throw it away anyway! If you have any shops that work with wood around your area you should ask

First we need to make sure that the litter box is empty and clean. Then you can start by pouring a layer of sawdust litter that is 2-3 inches deep. That should give enough depth and your furry friend will do his business without making a mess everywhere.

Once the litter box has been used a couple of times it’s time for the scoop!

Yes, I know this is not the favorite part of the day but it must be done!

You need to make sure to scoop out any clumps or solid bits daily, so that the litter box is always clean and ready to be used. This also helps to prevent any odors from building up but I bet you already know this part so I don’t need to explain more.

If you notice that the sawdust litter layer is getting quite thin, you can add more to keep it at the 2-3 inch depth that we set up the first time.

When it comes to changing the whole litter, it’s pretty easy to do. Just scoop out or decant all the remaining litter and dispose it. Then, rinse the litter box with soap and water and let it dry completely. Finally add a fresh layer of sawdust keeping it at a depth of 2-3 inches.

See? I told you! Using sawdust cat litter is not that hard!

How to find the best quality sawdust cat litter
I do actually have some tips for finding the purrfect litter.

1. Read the ingredients and make sure that the litter is made from all-natural eco-friendly materials like sawdust, recycled paper, or corn. Avoid anything that has flagrances or chemicals
2.Check the dust level. There are many felines with allergies (luckily mine is ok). Look for a low-dust formula

Also please remember to look at the price. Quality litter is always a bit more expensive and comes with a higher price tag, but you can always get it on sales or subscribe-and-save deals

Sawdust Cat Litter vs Cat Litter – Which One?

I always go for Sawdust instead of clay one


First off, it’s the smell that convinces me. Clay litter can leave a not-so-pleasant smell in our apartment that lingers around all day if not actioned. Sawdust litter on the other hand, can neutralize this odor and leave a pleasant scent, keeping the apartment fresh.

Another thing to consider is the mess. I always have to vacuum and open the windows as the clay litter leaves dust all over my wall skirt. Sawdust litter is way less messy and usually clumps together for easy scooping

The final factor is the environment. Shop-bought clay litter is made out of strip-mined clay, which has a huge impact. Sawdust is made from sawdust waste, which is a natural and sustainable resource. So, not only is sawdust litter good for your cat, but it’s also good for the environment.

Which type of litter do you use?

How does sawdust cat litter compare to traditional clay cat litter?

Sawdust cat litter can neutralize odors and leave a very pleasant smell, whereas clay litter can leave a lingering smell if not actioned.
Sawdust litter is also less messy and it can be easier to scoop.

Does sawdust cat litter track less than traditional clay litter?

Sawdust cat litter is less messy than traditional clay litter as it clumps together for easy scooping which can reduce tracking. However, individual experiences can vary based on factors like the type of sawdust litter you are using and your cat’s habits.

Indre K Williams

Indre K Williams

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