DIY Guide: How to Make a Homemade Cat Litter Box

homemade litter box preparation

Today we will learn how to make a homemade cat litter box exactly like the one I have in my cat’s cupboard

As a cat owner, keeping your furry friend’s litter box clean and fresh is essential. However, buying cat litter boxes can be expensive, and they don’t always come in the shapes/sizes that you need. So why not make your own homemade cat litter box?

I started this project when we had our friend’s cat over for the week while the parents were on holiday. We didn’t know if they can share a litter box so we decided to make a homemade one.

This is how it went

Before we start you will need a couple of supplies.

  • Large plastic container
  • Box cutter or very sharp knife
  • Sandpaper
  • Cat Litter
  • (Optional) Measuring tape, Marker, Duct tape

The first step is to choose the right container which will be the base of the project. It should be big enough for your cat to move around in, but not that big so it takes up too much space in your home. It should also be very easy to clean and strong enough to keep the weight of the litter.

Okay, so once you got your container, it’s time to get cutting.

Using the box cutter, you can cut the opening and use the sandpaper on the edges so they were super smooth. Safety first, am I right? You wanna make sure the opening is big enough for your kitty to walk in and out comfortably.

Now the fun part! Time to decorate the litter box. You can use duct tape to make create a cool border around the opening or paint the box so it fits your room style. You could even add some cool designs or patterns to make it more fun for your kitty. My British Shorthair was curious as heck while I was doing this part so I decided to throw in some paw prints

With the box looking sharp, you can now add the litter. We are steps away from seeing the reaction of our cat. I picked a litter that was safe for my cat and easy to clean. I also put a litter mat under the box to catch any litter in case she throws it out (mine does that a lot).

So there you have it. Making your own cat litter box can be a really fun and cheap way to keep your cat happy and healthy. Just use your imagination and some basic supplies, and you’ll have a litter box that’s perfect for your furry friend. Give it a try and see how much your kitty loves it!

Reasons for making your own homemade litter box

Most people opt for just buying a litter box from the shop and calling it a day. I decided to make my own as the ones in my area were all clunky, ugly and to be honest very expensive for my budget. So I just asked myself: Do I really want to be throwing money away on something that will be covered in cat poop most of the days?


So I decided to make my own!

With a homemade litter box you can customize it your way, choose the width and length (based on the container) and add your own signature. Plus the whole project and process is fun and creative for me. The litter box and the steps I take to dispose of cat litter the green way are great and eco-friendly.

How do you make a simple cat litter box?

You can make a simple cat litter box with just a few easy steps.

First you need to find a simple plastic container. After that you can use a knife/cutter or whatever you have available to make a small entrance for your furry friend and the last step is to fill the container with litter.

You didn’t have to break the bank to give your kitty a clean and functional place to do their business. Now You’ve got yourself a simple, homemade litter box

Do you need a mat under a litter box
So if you are wonders if you need a mat under your cat’s litter box it really comes down to your own preference. I have one as it helps me keep all the stray litter under control and it always seemed like a good idea for me to keep one there.
Another good reason to have a mat is that it helps you to keep your floors clean and damage free from any spills or accidents (Trust me! accidents happen).
I have the habit of bare feet walking around my house so I would really hate to step on scattered cat litter when running after the kids around the house. There are many functional litter box mats available so there is no reason not to invest in one

Can I use a tray as a litter box?

If you want to try a tray you can go for it. It all depends on the kitten to be honest.

If you want to use a tray I would recommend teaching the cat from the early days in the house to use the tray. It’s a bit more complicated to switch from litter box to tray when the kitty is older as it will get used to large amounts of litter while doing her business.

I would recommend an old oven tray that you are about to throw out as a starter tray. Add a bit of litter and see what happens

If you plan to use the tray long-term I would recommend adding a mat under the tray for the same reasons I explained earlier. It just helps a lot!

Do cats prefer open or closed litter boxes?
The answer isn’t one-size-fits-all. Most of the cats prefer open litter boxes. Most of the owners prefer closed litter boxes (for obvious reasons). But you might be lucky and have a pet that loves a closed litter box.
Some kitties love open litter boxes due to the space they offer and they don’t tend to feel confined. Other ones prefer the closed one due to having more privacy. However cats generally feel vulnerable while using the litter box hence why they prefer the open one.
Regardless of whether you choose the open or closed one its always best to keep it clean and well-maintained to keep your kitty healthy happy.
Indre K Williams

Indre K Williams

Indre K Williams (DVM) graduated from the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2015, she brings a wealth of knowledge and a genuine passion for animals to their writing. With years of experience working closely with pets and their owners, she has developed a deep understanding of their needs and behaviour.

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  1. I can sure see where those would work and the height is a bonus too! Thanks for stopping by The Cat Blogosphere today!

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    messymimi's meanderings April 30, 2023 at 1:32 am

    I’ve made a few litter boxes, i used very large “Rubbermaid” type totes and cut down an area in the front for the cats to climb in. It keeps the litter contained very well.

    Thank you for joining Feline Friday!

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