Best Ways to Dispose of Cat Litter Without Plastic Bags

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As cat parents, we all know the daily struggle of dealing with cat litter. It’s one of the necessary parts of cat care, but the plastic bags typically used for disposal are a serious environmental problem these days.

We have put together a comprehensive guide where we can explore the eco-friendly alternatives for dumping cat litter and help you to stop using plastic bags.

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1. Use biodegradable bags
2. Compost the cat litter
3. Bury the cat litter
4. Use eco-friendly cat litter disposal systems
5. Use paper or newspaper
6. Use reusable containers
Repurposed paper bag as cat litter bag

The Problem with Plastic Bags

Plastic bags have been used as a go-to for cat litter disposal due to their absolute convenience. However, they pose a significant problem to our planet.

These plastic bags take hundreds of years to decompose, and during this time, they release harmful chemicals into the soil and water.

On top of that they contribute to the growing problem of plastic pollution, which is harming wildlife and ecosystems on a daily basis

Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Plastic Bags for Cat Litter Disposal

Biodegradable Bags

You can start using biodegradable bags as your first step as you can still keep the same convenience factor of traditional plastic bags.

Some other paper we had around the house

They are usually made from plant-based materials that break down much faster than plastic, which helps to reduce the environmental impact.

When you are using biodegradable bags, you need to make sure you are disposing them in a compost bin or in a designated green waste container in order for them to break down properly

Paper and Newspaper

Paper and newspaper are another eco-friendly alternative that you can try. If you have them laying around your house you should start using them as they are already biodegradable.

Start by wrapping the cat litter in newspaper or put it in a paper bag before disposing it. You should note that paper can get soggy, so it’s good to use it for small amounts of litter.

Reusable Containers

Using a reusable container is a plastic-free method but not such a convenient one. If you live on a farm you can use an old bucket or container with a lid to store the cat litter. Once the bucket is full, you can empty it into your green waste bin or the compost heap

Composting Cat Litter

Composting is one of our favourite ways to do it as it’s a natural process that turns organic waste into a nutrient rich soil conditioner. Some types of cat litter such as the ones made from homemade recycled paper, wood, or corn can be easily composted.

However, it’s important to note that not all cat litter is compostable, and cat waste can contain some harmful parasites. Therefore it’s crucial to compost cat litter correctly and safely.

Burying Cat Litter

Burying is another method for disposing of cat litter without plastic bags if you have a backyard or live in the countryside.

It’s a simple process: dig a hole about one food deep, throw the cat litter in, then cover it back with soil. However, similar to the composting part, you need to ensure the cat litter is biodegradable and safe to bury.

Eco-Friendly Cat Litter Disposal Systems

Eco-friendly cat litter disposal systems are specially made containers that seal in odors and bacteria from the litter.

They can allow you to collect the litter over a period of time, and reduce the number of bags you use. Some new systems on the market started to adopt biodegradable bags, making them an even greener option.

We used a baking paper sheet that was going to be dumped anyway

What Not to Do: Flushing Cat Litter

While it may seem like a quick an easy solution to stop using plastic bags, flushing cat litter down the toilet is not recommended. Cat waste can contain a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii, which can be harmful to marine life.

Aditionally, not all types of cat litter are safe to flush, as some can clog pipes or damage septic systems.


As we have explored in this guide, you can try several eco-friendly ways to dump cat litter without resorting to plastic bags. By choosing biodegradable bags, composting, or even burying, you can significantly reduce the environmental impact and contribute to a healthier planet

It’s important to remember that every small change counts, and you can start doing yours today!


1. Can all types of cat litter be composted or buried?

No, only cat litters made from biodegradable materials such as wood, corn, or recycled paper can be composted or buried. Clay and crystal litters are not good for this.

2. Are biodegradable bags as effective as plastic bags for controlling odor?

Yes, most biodegradable bas are just as good as the plastic bags at controlling odor. Some even have added features like odor-blocking technology so it’s a win-win

3. What should I look for in an eco-friendly cat litter?

Eco-friendly cat litters are always made from natural, biodegradable materials. Look for litters made from wood, corn, recycled paper or wheat. You should also keep an eye on factors like odor control, dust and clumping ability

We hope that this guide has been helpful in your journey towards a more eco-friendly cat care!

Indre K Williams

Indre K Williams

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