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As cat owners, we always try to ensure that our feline companions are healthy and happy.

One of the mind-blowing products we discovered is PrettyLitter – the cat litter that changes color. This unique cat litter not only offers excellent odor control and convenience for pet owners, but it also gives us a revolutionary way to monitor our cat’s health through color-changing crystals.

Color present in the cat litter

Health Monitoring Made Easy:

One of the best features of PrettyLitter is it’s ability to monitor our pet’s health. The litter has specialized crystals that change color based on the pH level from our pet’s urine. By simply looking at the box you can find valuable information about your cat’s well-being. Any abnormal coloration can alert you about potential health issues like kidney problems or bladder stones. This early detection can be crucial if you seek to ensure that your pet’s health stays at the top level.

Odor Control: A Breath of Fresh Air

You can say goodbye to any unpleasant litter box odors! This litter has a high absorbency rate due to the crystals that are designed to trap moisture and eliminate urine odors effectively. Unlike traditional litters that can emit a strong smell, PrettyLitter keeps your home smelling fresh and clean. The absorbent nature of the crystals can also help you to minimize the frequency of litter changes, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Lightweight and Low Maintenance:

Gone are the days of lugging heavy bags of cat litter! This new litter is very lightweight compared to traditional clay or clumping litters. This makes it easier to fill up the litter box and maintain it. Additionally, the litter doesn’t clump, simplifying the cleaning process as you still need to see to color changes in the litter. You will only have to remove the solid waste, and simply stir the remaining litter to save time and effort.

What we know about the color changing litter

You don’t need to take trips to buy it. It runs on a subscription service, delivering a fresh supply of litter to your doorstep at regular intervals. You can customize your subscription based on your cat’s needs and the number of cats you have in your house. This makes it easy as you don’t have to worry about running out of litter ever again. They will provide a consistent delivery straight to your door.

It has different types of colors that can help you decide what to do

Dark Yellow / Olive Green: This indicates that your cat’s urine falls within the typical range, which is considered normal and a positive sign of a healthy cat.
Orange color indicator: The orange color may indicate acidity in your cat’s urine. It could suggest conditions such as metabolic acidosis. If you notice this color consistently, it’s recommended to consult the vet.
Blue color indicator: A blue color indicates alkalinity in your cat’s urine. It can be associated with certain types of urinary infections or increased risk of stone formations. If the litter is turning blue, you should consult with the vet as soon as possible.
Red color indicator: If PrettyLitter turns red, it may indicate the presence of blood in your cat’s urine. This could be associated with bladder crystals and certain types of kidney disease. If you observe a consistent red color you should seek immediate veterinary attention

Prettylitter has truly revolutionized the world of cat litter. By combining excellent odor control, lightweight convenience and the ability to monitor your cat’s health, it has become a game-changer for many cat owners.

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Indre K Williams

Indre K Williams

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