Can You Flush Cat Litter Down the Toilet? We have Answers

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My cat is the best pet ever, but her litter can be a bit of a hassle sometime. I need to make decisions when disposing the litter in order to maintain a healthy and safe home.

One of the main ideas that I had about litter was to flush it down the toilet…

But is that a well thought decision?

In this article we will explore the different ways to dispose the cat litter and learn a bit more about different types of litter.

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You shouldn’t flush cat litter down the toilet. Flushing cat litter can be dangerous for the environment and may jeopardise the safety of your home. Cat litter is a known cause for clogged pipes and can create blockages in the sewer.

While some cat litters are marketed as “flushable”, it’s important to understand that flushing cat litter can be risky.

catsan on the toilet
Cat litter in the toilet? I don’t think so…

When you flush cat litter, it goes through the pipes and straight into the sewer system. Most of the cat litter that you find in shops is not biodegradable, and it can clog the pipes from your house and create blockages.

Your pet’s waste can also harm other animals and contaminate the water supply. The clay-based litter and litter made from recycled paper does not break down quickly enough to maintain the flow in the pipes.

Alternatives to Flushing Cat Litter

  • Disposing cat litter in the trash is a safe and convenient option for most of the families that own a cat. It eliminates the risk of clogged pipes and reduces the risk of spreading parasites.
  • Composting cat litter is a great way to reduce waste while creating some nutrient-rich soil, especially if you have a backyard. It is important to use a composting system that is designed for pets waste
  • Using biodegradable litter is a great alternative to the traditional one. It breaks down way much quicker than traditional one and is less harmful to our planet

The Pros and Cons of Flushing Cat Litter

  • Convenience
  • Can destroy your plumbing
  • Harmful to the environment
  • It cat harm marine life

Flushing the litter can contribute to pollution and harm our environment. Some cat litters contain harmful chemicals and bacteria that can pollute the waterways and harm most of the marine life

Frequently Asked Questions About Flushing Cat Litter

We tried to find the most asked questions about cat litter being flushed down the toilet and this is what we can answer at the moment:

Can you flush all types of cat litter?

No, not all types of litter can be flushed down the toilet. There are a few brands that advertise themselves as a “flushable” cat litter but we don’t recommend doing this. Litters made from clay or other materials can cause clogs in your plumbing and damage the septic tank or the building’s pipelines.

What are the risks of flushing cat litter?

Flushing the litter can pose several risks to your own health and the environment. Cat feces have a lot of harmful pathogens which can cause serious health problems. Flushing litter can also harm marine life and other animals if it’s being dumped into the waterways. Additionally, flushing litter made from non-biodegradable materials such as clay can damage the sewage treatment plants and your own house plumbing system.

How can I dispose of cat litter safely and responsibly?

There are several safe and responsible ways to dispose of cat litter. We have a guide on how to dispose of cat litter the green way which you can check.

One option is to throw it away in the trash if you have no other choice. Bu we recommend using biodegradable or compostable litter. Composting can be a great way of disposing the litter, either in your backyard or by adding it to the compost bin.

Indre K Williams

Indre K Williams

Indre K Williams (DVM) graduated from the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2015, she brings a wealth of knowledge and a genuine passion for animals to their writing. With years of experience working closely with pets and their owners, she has developed a deep understanding of their needs and behaviour.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by Zoolatry. We used to compost when living in a home, now it “must” be trashed I’m afraid as we’re in a high rise apartment. But you offer great suggestions … why not add your post to The Cat Blogosphere so others can take advantage of these ideas?

  2. We have a septic system so I would never even consider flushing anything other than Scott toilet paper.

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