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catsan alternative that we use

Our pet loves the litter we have, but we started looking for an alternative cat litter to Catsan to see if we can find anything cheaper on the market

When it comes to my feline companion, I want to provide him with the best care possible. One essential aspect of our pet’s well-being that is often overlooked is their cat litter. Cat litter plays a significant role in maintaining cleanliness, hygiene and comfort for both ourselves and our pets. That’s why it is crucial to carefully consider the options available on the market and find the right litter.

We are using the Natural Catsan alternative that is 100% Biodegradable

Why is There a Need for Alternatives to Catsan?

While Catsan is a popular choice in many households, there might be a need to explore some alternatives due to various reasons:

  • Personal Preferences: Every cat is unique in it’s own way and has different preferences when it comes to cat litter. Some may prefer a different texture, scent, or feeling of the litter under their paws. Exploring alternatives allows you to find the perfect match
  • Health: Pets that are sensitive to dust and might have allergies may find some of the Catsan options harmful.
  • Environmental options: Catsan, like many traditional litters, is often made from non-renewable resources. By exploring alternative cat litters, you can opt for more eco-friendly options. We chose the Natural Clumping Catsan litter for our pet
  • Cost: Price can be a crucial factor for many cat owners. By looking for alternatives you might find cat litter in your price range. We recommend trying a homemade cat litter recipe to save some cash

By considering these factors you can make an informed decision and find the best alternative, or even find an alternative in Catsan’s litter range that they provide

Natural and Biodegradable Alternatives: A Closer Look

Natural cat litters made from materials like corn, wheat or pine have gained a serious reputation in recent years. Let’s dive into some of the options available on the market

Catsan Natural and Biodegradable 100%
  • Corn-based Cat Litter: One of the popular options is cat litter made from corn. This type of litter is typically derived from renewable sources and offers excellent odor control properties. Corn-based litter are often clumping very well, which makes it easier for pet owners to keep the litter box clean.
  • Wheat-Based Cat Litter: Wheat-based cat litters provide a great alternative for eco-friendly cat owners. This litter is usually made from reclaimed wheat, a byproduct in the food industry that would normally go to waste. The wheat litter is great at forming clumps and makes the scooping process a bit more simple. Another benefit is that it has natural enzymes inside, these are a great help to neutrilize odors.
  • Pine-Based Cat Litter: Another natural option worth exploring is cat litter made from pine. Pine litters are often made from recycled wood shavings or sawdust. They are great at absorbing smells due to their natural odor-absorbing properties

Comparing Various Brands and Their Features

Nature’s Miracle corn cob litter

Now that we know what’s on the market let’s have a look at various brands and what they have to offer:

  • Narture’s Miracle – Corn Cob Litter: This natural cat litter brand offers a corn-based formula that clumps well and provides a serious odor control option. It is known to have low dust levels, making it very suitable for cats that are sensitive to dust.
  • Natusan wheat: This wheat-based cat litter is highly absorbent and form firm clumps for easy scooping. It has natural enzymes that help eliminate odors effectively.
  • Omlet Litter No 3: Pine-based cat litter is made from 100% recycled wood shavings. It offers superior odor control and has a fresh pine scent that naturally masks unpleasant smells.

Why we are using Catsan Natural Clumping Litter

Natusan wheat based litter

Catsan is the litter that we used since our pet came into our lives. It offers a range of products designed to provide a clean and comfortable environment to our feline friend.

By using it over the years we noticed that it has a high absorbency rate, and it keeps the litter box dry, minimizing the risk of unpleasant smell around the house

The quality is very good, their products are made from high-quality natural materials that effectively neutralize odors, ensuring a fresh and clean box environment.

It has a non-clumping formula which is distinguishing them from other brands. Unlike other brands, Catsan is easy to remove from the box.

Availability: We can find this litter at every major supermarket or corner shop. This makes it very convenient to use.

Pine no. 3 pine-based litter

Quality and Affordability of Different Cat Litter Options

By considering the cost per use, overall value for money, and the quality, availability and affordability of different cat litter options you can make the decision to choose the best litter that suits your needs.

  • Silica gel litters: These litters are known for their exceptional absorbency and odor control. While they may be more expensive to buy at first sight, their long-lasting nature can make them cost-effective in the long run as thy require less frequent litter box changes, reducing the overall usage and expenses you may meet.
  • Wood-based litters: Wood bases cat litters, such as those made from pine and cedar, offer a natural and affordable litter. They provide good absorbency and odor control while not being very expensive. You could try to see if you can get some for free from your local woodworker
  • Clumping clay litters: Although they are a bit pricier than non-clumping, they offer excellent convenience for most pet owners and a cost-effective performance. Their ability to make solid clumps, makes the scooping and the cleaning of the box easier, resulting less litter wastage and longer use

What brands are you using?

Let us know in the comments below!

Indre K Williams

Indre K Williams

Indre K Williams (DVM) graduated from the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2015, she brings a wealth of knowledge and a genuine passion for animals to their writing. With years of experience working closely with pets and their owners, she has developed a deep understanding of their needs and behaviour.

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  1. Charlee: “Our litter is compressed wood pellets that Mama and Dada get from the local tack and feed store!”
    Chaplin: “Dada says it makes the room smell like a lumber mill every time the litter gets changed.”
    Charlee: “There are worse things the room could smell like. Dogs, for instance.”
    Lulu: “Hey!”

  2. I had no idea there were so many litter options out there. We just use the clay one from Walmart.

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